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Smart2k V5/wifi

The terminal does not need any installation. The battery back-up that will operate up to 4 hours without AC power will make it very movable within the WiFi network coverage. The communicating computer will download transaction data as well as the finger templates to be managed and controled in the computer. This is very convenient especially in a large multi terminal installation.  

The smart2K V5/wifi is designed and manufactured in Indonesia.


  • Time and Attendance System
  • Access Control System
  • Membership Management System          
  • Meal Coupon Management System
  • Factory Data Collection (Job Costing)
  • Student Management

Features & Benefits

  • Standard wireless WiFi connection to computer
  • Accurate and fast fingerprint algorithm
  • Fast verification & identification time – under 2 seconds
  • Finger template management in computer
  • 2 transaction methods – fingerprint + PIN, fingerprint or PIN only.
  • Self enrollment mode – for remote installation and set-up
  • 4GB MMC/SD Card included – (more than 4 million transactions – up to 4 years data retention)
  • User enrollment up to 9,000 users
  • TCP/IP Protocol
  • Multi-lingual interface – Supports English and Indonesia
  • Optional Voice Confirmation MP3 – Indonesian/English
  • Battery back up – up to 4 hours of operation
  • Optional Add-On card reader (Magnetic, Barcode or Contactless/RF)