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Queuing System

Each service counter will have a Counter Display showing the current queue number its servicing and the attendant will have a push button device to increment the queue number. In addition, the system may also include a large Main Display showing all the counters queue numbers each counter is servicing. The Main Display is to be located in a central waiting area. The Quenetic has 10 service groups buttons and each service group may be set up to be handled by any number of counters.

With the Quenetic centralized queuing system customers will be informed of their position status at all times and they are able to be seated comfortably in a centralized waiting area. Queuing line does not have to be created.


  • Banks
  • Telco Providers
  • Hospitals
  • Pharmacies Public Services
  • Post Office
  • Leasing Companies
  • Customer Service Centers


  • Simple installation and usage
  • Accommodates up to 30 service counters  
  • Set-up and reset using keypad and LCD
  • Bilingual: Bahasa Indonesia and English
  • Elevates customer satisfaction and comfort
  • Increases service efficiency and productivity
  • Enhances service quality
  • Skin LCD can be personalized